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Did you know that using an online home value estimator can help you get an idea of a home’s value?

There are plenty of free tools that can provide an estimate on a home’s value such as Zillow’s Zestimate or, which offers free value estimates based on public records, listing sites and other market data. Use as many as you can find — either for your own home or a home you want to buy — then compare the results to get a potential price range.

Home value estimators can take care of some of the leg work for you, but it’s just an estimate and should be viewed as a starting point. Some Zestimates, for example, have been shown to be very accurate while others have been off by thousands of dollars.

Don’t let the estimate stop you from getting an idea of a home’s value. By getting an estimate, you can start to build a more complete picture of what you’re buying and start to have a better idea of what you’re capable of paying.

Contact me today to get started! I would be happy to help you get an estimate on the home of your dreams.

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