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A good location can mean different things to different people, but there are also objective factors that determine a home’s value. 🏡

1. Centrality. Where you choose to live in a city or town will undoubtedly affect how much you pay for your home.

2. Neighborhood. The neighborhoods that appeal to you will essentially be a matter of personal choice. However, a truly great neighborhood will have a few critical factors in common: accessibility, appearance, and amenities.

3. Development. It is not just the present amenities that matter, but future ones as well. Plans for new schools, hospitals, public transportation, and other civic infrastructure can dramatically improve property values in the area.

4. Lot Location. You also need to take into consideration where the house is located. If the house you want to buy is right on a busy road or very close to a highway, you can probably get it for a lower price, but it will also be more difficult to sell later.

5. The Home You Purchase. Let’s say you’ve narrowed your choices to two homes that stand side by side in a great neighborhood. Which do you choose? In most cases, the house in need of repairs is the better investment.

When you’re ready to find your dream home in the perfect location for you, contact me to get started! 📲

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