Homes for Sale Oakland Park, FL

A growing city
View homes for sale in Oakland Park and find out why this charming city is a top pick for homebuyers. With its central location and easy access to all that South Florida has to offer, it's no wonder buyers are falling in love with Oakland Park!

Oakland Park, FL
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Oakland Park is a city on the move. With its growing population and proximity to Miami, FL, it's a great place to live and work. Find out more about Oakland Park including local events, history, and how you can get involved to help us improve our city.

Population Growth

At a projected 44,326, Oakland Park, FL has grown 7% since the last census.

Oakland Park has a total area of 8.1 square miles.
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A culture based on collaboration

We attend to all aspects of your purchase or sale, beginning by listening to your needs and understanding your desires. Throughout your journey, we develop strategic plans, share custom advice, and provide expert guidance. Our full-service real estate package includes coordinating the logistics of your move; helping with staging, remodeling, or landscaping plans; and even connecting you with a specialist in the acquisition of additional assets such as yachts, private airplane charters, or horses.


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